Wrongful Death Settlement Against Local Pizza Franchise for $1M

Jody Reich recently settled a case involving an untimely death of TJC, a retired United States Marine officer and father of three, for over $1.12 million. On April 16, 2018, TJC, a retired United States Marine, was killed in a head-on collision caused by a speeding pizza delivery driver who was returning to the store after delivering a pizza. TJC was a passenger an oncoming vehicle as the pizza delivery driver accelerated around an unlit curve on a dark, rainy night going 18 miles over the speed limit. Both TJC and the driver of the vehicle he was in were killed upon impact. The pizza delivery driver’s speed reached 53 miles per hour when it impacted our client’s vehicle. A blood draw showed active THC in the pizza delivery driver’s system and testimnoy revealed he had been fired from previous pizza delivery stores for aggressive driving and had a driving record which disqualified him from employment.

Analysis of the scene showed that the pizza delivery driver could have prevented the catastrophic event if he had been traveling the posted speed limit of 35 mph and had been paying attention. With two drivers’ gross negligence, our client never stood a chance. TJC is survived by his three young children and his mother, father, brother and extended family. It was a privilege working to secure a settlement for this tragic loss.